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Product of Australia

Australian Made, Australian Grown Logo

Australis Canoes is proud to announce that we are now a licensee of the Australian Made, Australian Grown campaign.

All Australis canoes, kayaks, sea kayaks, sit-on-tops and paddles have been certified as a "Product of Australia" which is the highest qualification offered to a manufacturer. This means that all of our manufacturing processes occur within Australia, using Australian raw materials.

In addition, our products have been designed in Australia for Australian paddling conditions, and are not foreign products made under licence.

We feel that this certification will help consumers identify between products manufactured in Australia, and products sold by companies who say they are "100% Australian owned and operated" who OMIT to say that their products are made overseas, and hope the consumer will assume that because the company is "100% Australian", that the product is also "100% Australian".

Soon, our products will easily be identifiable as a Product of Australia by looking for the iconic gold kangaroo in the green triangle logo.

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Lifetime Warranty on Australis Watercraft

10 year warranty on Australis watercraft

At Australis, we have such faith in the quality of our raw materials and manufacturing processes that we have increased the warranty on our watercraft from 10 years to a Lifetime warranty.

The warranty covers faulty materials and workmanship, but does not cover wear & tear or damage caused by use or misuse. The Lifetime warranty is applicable to retail purchasers of our watercraft and is registered to the original purchaser.

Australis have been manufacturing plastic watercraft in Wollongong NSW since 1987 and only use the best quality Australian-made raw materials. Our polyethylene complies with Australian Standards 4766 and by using plastics with the highest UV stabilizers, we are able to ensure that Australis watercraft will still be holding together when inferior plastics are breaking down.

Our long term relationships with local suppliers who use traceable quality processes underpin our confidence in these materials, and by refusing to use imported materials that may not have been tested to strict Australian standards, we are able to ensure quality excellence.

In the 25 years that we have been manufacturing our craft, we have earned a reputation for quality products that perform well on the water. Add to this our enhanced raw materials and manufacturing processes and this gives Australis the confidence to extend to the purchaser of our product a Lifetime warranty that is second to none.

If you would like more information, please contact your local Australis agent.

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Product Changes... Free Paddles, More Upgrade Options and More Packages

Free Paddles

All retail customers purchasing an Australis product will now find that it comes with a free paddle(s) included in the price.
It is possible to upgrade to paddles with more and better features by paying the upgrade difference.

Upgrade Options

The 1.5 litre storage pod that has been popular in the Ocky, Foxx, Pelagic and Lynxx, is now available in the Squid and Cuttlfish.

More Fishing Packages

The Ocky and Foxx are now available as Fishing Packages, giving a fishing package in a smaller, stackable sit-on-top kayak. The fishing package is fitted into the Utility box, meaning that it can be added or removed as required, and can be removed to allow two kayaks to stack on top of each other for easy transporting on the car or a trolley.
The Funyak is now also available in a fishing package for the smallest anglers in the family. The mould-in keel helps little paddlers stay on a straight course with ease, helping them to have a more enjoyable paddling (and fishing) experience.

Please Note:
The points highlighted here are new changes and your local stockist may not be aware of them. To help them out, please direct them to this website, or call us at the factory on (02) 4285 2000.

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One man, One kayak, 2,400kms along Australia's longest river... Raising funds for the Cancer Council

Australis Canoes would like to congratulate Mark Walsh on completing his challenging 2,400km solo paddle of the Murray River in an Australis Salamander kayak.

The journey began at Biggara, Victoria and ended at the mouth of the Murray River (Lake Alexandrina, South Australia). During his journey, Mark travelled through 3 states of Australia and was largely self supporting by carrying everything he needed to eat and sleep onboard the kayak.

The start of Mark's journey was delayed due to heavy rains making the river dangerous, and the journey was completed on July 29 2012. Mark predicted the journey would take him approximately 100 days and he completed it in 98. This involved kayaking between 30-50kms per days and spending most nights camped on the banks of the Murray River.

Mark carried all of the gear with him, with enough food and supplies for 7 days, depending on how far it was between Murray River townships.

This journey was in honour of Mark's late father, who passed away earlier this year due to an 18-month long struggle with pancreatic cancer and it will also be in rememberance of all those who have unfortunately lost their lives to cancer.

Mark's aim was to raise awareness and funds for much needed cancer research through The Cancer Council.

You can read about Mark's adventure on his facebook page Kayak4life.

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Set your Ocky or Foxx up for Fishing

Fishing Utility Box for Ocky or Foxx

The Ocky and Foxx sit-on-top kayaks can now be customised for fishing.

The handy Utility Box can be upgraded (to a Fishing Utility Box) and be able to hold 2 fishing rods, or a rod and a landing net whilst the box itself can be used to carry supplies for the day, or as a handy place to store your catch.

The Utility Box can easily be removed and replaced in a matter of seconds, so the Ocky and Foxx remain fully stackable.

The Ocky and Foxx can be purchased fully kitted out for fishing, or the Fishing Utility Box can be purchased as an after-market upgrade.

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Demonstrator Clearance - Updated 3 November 2011

Used, second hand for sale. Canoes, kayaks, sea kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks.

Australis is clearing a number of demonstration, hire and traded-in watercraft.
We have a variety of canoes, kayaks, sea kayaks and sit-on-tops available.
To check out what is on offer, go to Australis Clearance specials .

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AUSTRALIS - We design, make and sell Australia's favourite canoes and kayaks

Thank you for buying an Australian made canoe or kayak

Australis Canoes is a Australian company that specialises in designing and making canoes, sit on tops, kayaks and sea kayaks, specifically for use on Australian waterways.

Our factory and showroom is based in Wollongong (on the NSW south coast - about an hour south of Sydney, Australia) where you can see and touch all of our products. Here, you are able to purchase direct from the factory, or alternatively, you can purchase from our many authorised agents right around Australia.

The owners of Australis Canoes Pty Ltd are John and David Slattery. They are well known in the paddling industry, have over 100 years of combined on the water paddling experience, and incorporate this expertise into every Australis product they design.

You can arrange to test paddle any of our models on the water by calling the factory on 02 4285 2000 and booking a time.
If you would prefer to try the craft for an extended period of time, you can hire our canoes, kayaks, sea kayaks or sit ons for a weekend, week or longer.

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Stackable Sit-on-top Kayaks - Transport and Storage Solutions

Stackable kayaks for easy transporting

The Australis range of sit-on-top kayaks include a number that have profiled decks which allow them to stack with each other to make transporting on roof racks or a trolley easy.

The stacking design feature of our sit-on-tops, allows multiple kayaks to be put on top of even the smallest of cars, without the need for a costly kayak carriers.

You can find out more about these handy kayaks at Stackable sit-on-top kayaks by Australis .

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Bass Strait crossing in a Komodo

Komodo sea kayak crosses Bass Strait

In April 2010, Cameron Bolding and Greg Matheson crossed Bass Strait in the Australis Komodo (modular) sea kayak.

A short description of their trip can be found at Bass Strait Crossing (short description) .

An in-depth and detailed description of the trip, along with some great photographs can be found at Bass Strait Crossing (detailed description) in a sea kayak by Cameron and Greg.

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